Liisa Väisänen 

M.A., Finnish language, literature
and ethics teacher

Green candidate for Oulu City Council 2021

I am a 29-year old teacher of Finnish, literature and ethics. I have extensive experience with advocacy for youth and student issues. I was driven to politics because of my passion to progress and defend equality and to prevent the climate crisis.


About me:

After moving here to study, I have been living in Oulu for over ten years. I have always been an active participant in different communities and institutions. For example in the youth council and student councils in the schools of my birth town Kiuruvesi, and in my Finnish language student association Suma ry and the Student Union OYY at the University of Oulu. I have also worked as a specialist in social affairs at OYY.

During all my work and activities in student and youth communities, I have formed a clear view of how important issues like well-being, finances and equality affect children, youth and students and how these issues need addressing. After my graduation I have also been working in my dream job as a teacher of Finnish, literature and ethics for both immigrants and high school students. My work experience has deepened my knowledge of education and immigration issues. I am also an experienced organizer and a good public speaker. 

As a person, I’m empathetic and diligent. I enjoy working with others, and I want to make knowledge-based decisions by consulting and discussing with people. My favourite spots in Oulu are Kesän Sauna in Tuira, the Art Museum and Torinranta in the summer.

My city council election focuses

Equal Education

Schools must prevent exclusion and foster equality for students from all backgrounds

  • Student group sizes must stay appropriate and the teachers’ well-being cared for.
  • Social differences of the city districts must be lowered by, e.g., zoning planning.
  • Proper and accessible teaching of native tongues can be secured by, e.g., online teaching.
  • Oulu must be an attractive city for students and also have suitable employment opportunities after graduation.

Sustainable everyday life

The city must enable and enable itsresidents to have a sustainable way of life

  • Public transport, cycling and walking complement each other: we need a wide cycling network, city bikes and more working-focused public transport planning.
  • Public lunches in the city must prioritize ecologically sustainable food.
  • Each resident of Oulu must have easy and nearby access to nature.

Happy Families

In happy families, the welfare of both children and adults are cared for

  • Maternity and child health guidance must be of equal quality and families should be offered maternal physiotherapy, family therapy, sleep- and breastfeeding counseling and support for equal parenting.
  • Children have the right to high quality early childhood education, with day care places located close to the families.